Property Management Services

Qualifying Tenants:

·       Obtain a Full Lease Application on each Prospective Tenant

·       Obtain Credit Check on each applicant

·       Verify Rental History

·       Verify Employment History

Make Ready:

·       Have Door Locks Re Keyed

·       Have Carpets Cleaned if needed

·       Schedule Contractors to complete any needed repairs

·       Perform detailed inspection of property (all repairs and required expenses are paid by owner)

Management and Accounting:

·       Perform routine inspections on the property

·       Collect Monthly Rent

·       Schedule and oversee any needed repairs

·       Maintain accounting spreadsheet of rents collected and repairs made

·       Represent the owner in eviction proceedings (repairs and eviction fees are paid by owner)

Security Deposits:

·       The security deposit is collected from the tenant as a pledge to honor the terms of the lease and vacate the property in the condition they received it in.

·       The Security Deposit is held in an escrow account for the owner and will be returned to the tenant upon move out, minus any costs for repairs or lease violations.

Leasing and Property Management Fee:

·       The fee for leasing your property is the first full month’s rent. A portion of this is is offered to cooperating brokers if they bring us an approved tenant.

·       Our monthly management fee is 10% of the rents collected beginning with the first month’s rent.

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